Saving Home Dollars, By Using Some SENSE!

In order to make, owning a home, of one’s own, an important component of the American Dream, it’s important, to ensure, you are prepared for some of the necessities and realities of home ownership, especially, as they relate to financial/ economic ones! In addition to the anticipated costs, smart homeowners realize, and anticipate, there will often, be many unanticipated ones. Therefore, it is wise, to prepare accordingly, by consistently, contributing to reserve funds, for items such as repairs, renovations, upgrades, and contingencies. The more one saves, without creating much stress, the better, one might be able to cope! Saving home dollars, by using some SENSE, is a logical, necessary process. With that in mind, this article will attempt to consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, why this makes sense, and is beneficial.

1. Sustainable system; serves youSmart homeowners look at the bigger, longer – term picture, rather than, merely, the short – term, most convenient paths! This means considering the best, sustainable system, which combines affordability, with your anticipated needs, concerns, and priorities, both today, and into the future! This process must focus and emphasize your personal goals, and aspirations, and serve your best interests, in a consistent, focused way!

2. Energy considerations; emphasisWill you take the time, to examine, and consider, whether your house, is, as energy – efficient, as possible, within financial, common sense? This includes, factors such as: insulation; windows; fuel alternatives; heating system efficiency, etc. A smart homeowner places much of his emphasis, on enjoying his house, to the maximum, while reducing monthly expenditures!

3. Needs; nuances: Focus on your needs, when making decisions about what your house needs, and lacks! Realize, this may be somewhat different, from house, to house, and homeowner, to homeowner! Therefore, doing so, requires understanding, which emphasis and nuances, will matter most, to you!

4. Strengths; strong pointsDifferentiate between the strong points, and weaknesses of your specific house, and whether, you might build – upon these strengths, while effectively, efficiently, addressing areas of weakness!

5. ExcellenceOnly when you are ready, willing, and able, to seek the utmost degree of excellence, in your living conditions, and residence, will you be able to get the most bang – for – the – buck, from you home! Never settle for less than the solution, which will, over the longer – term, make the most sense!

Like in many other areas, and actions, common sense is often, extremely rare! Be a happy homeowner, by saving home dollars, by using some SENSE!

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